All the following Health & Safety Rules

must be followed to stay at All Paws Inn.


We understand the new clients would like to tour our home...but we always have our furry guests staying with us, and anyone visiting their areas will disrupt and excite them as a group.  This takes quite a while for them to relax and calm down...thus, All Paws Inn tours would disrupt our calm, fun and relaxed environment that help ensure your pets health and safety.  Sorry, we can not make any exceptions to this policy.



1. All dogs must be spayed or neutered by six months of age.


2. Dogs must arrive on a lead that can be left with the boarder.


3. Each owner must provide evidence of current vaccinations, including Rabies, Distemper, Bordatella and a Negative Fecal within the last 3 months. All records are kept on file and tracked for needed updates. This also applies to puppies.


4. Happy, well-socialized dogs are welcome at All Paws Inn. For safety reasons, we cannot accept dogs that have been “attack” or “guard” trained.


5. A day of Day Care is required for evaluation. Should aggressive behaviors or red flags become evident during the evaluation process owners will be contacted to discuss whether All Paws Inn is appropriate for their dog. At any time during a pets stay should aggressive behaviors and/or red flags occur, we will then re-evaluate a pets suitability to participate at All Paws Inn.


6. Any “special needs”, “allergies” or “fears and triggers” should be clearly communicated by the owner to the innkeepers.


7. Each boarder should arrive with her/his own food, enough for the planned stay plus one day. The feeding schedule is between 7am – 8am and then again in the evening between 5pm -6pm.


8. Innkeepers will administer medicines, if required. Medicines should be packaged separately from food with a dosing schedule clearly written.


9. Innkeepers require the name/number of the dog’s usual vet in the odd event of an emergency. Please bring this information along with a local emergency contact name/number.


10. Innkeepers will supply safe toys which will be disinfected daily. We cannot be responsible for toys brought in, so please leave them at home.



WE WILL RETURN ALL CALLS.  Any after hours messages left will be returned during business hours the following day.

"The Health and Safety rules are necessary

to ensure the safety and health of your pet,

other guest pets and the All Paws Inn staff...

no exceptions can be made to these rules."



Our Clients

We offer an alternative to traditional boarding. All Paws Inn is a “cage-free”, social environment where our furry friends play and sleep together....Join the Family.

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